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  1. Customer satisfaction rate over 99.5% - is this possible?
    In the case of flooring companies, and service companies in general for that matter, past performance IS a good indication of future results. Any flooring company worth your business should have a super small complaint ratio.
  2. Over 100 recent references
    This shows our experience and willingness to brag about all the projects we have completed. We are very comfortable with our past customers and consider our referral business one of our best selling points.
  3. Good Standing with all our vendors and excellent credit references
    We are in business for the long term and our customers do not have to worry whether we will be around for any warranty work or future installations.
  4. Only experienced installers need apply to Butler Floors
    The installer is crucial to this business. All of our installers have many years of experience in all types of flooring installations and applications. We never hire inexperienced installers to save money.
  5. Installers keep a clean job site
    Our installers will leave the job site clean once the job is completed. They will take the trash with them, vacuum the carpets and put your furniture and appliances back for you.
  6. On time installation guarantee
    Once we agree to an installation date that works with your schedule, you can hold us to it. We do your job alone, not in conjunction with several other customers. We like to finish ahead of schedule.
  7. Store Owners follow your job from beginning to end
    Many companies have several people involved with the job, which can lead to miscommunications along the way. We only have the owners who quote the job and are held responsible for the entire job from start to finish.
  8. End price matches the quote
    Our customer is never surprised with the final bill. Everything for the job is fully explained before the job is started.
  9. No Complaints with Better Business Bureau
    Generally speaking, if someone complains to the BBB, they're really upset. Most good companies will resolve disputes before they ever get this far. Don't take any chances and choose only companies with a clean BBB record.
  10. We want every customer to be our next referral
    We love having happy, satisfied customers and we thoroughly enjoy them bragging about us to their friends and neighbors. Nice reviews on Yelp and Google help too!